K-12 3.0 “The Brewing Storm”

What happened to “Education 2.0”?
This term commonly referred to the reinvention of education service delivery that denotes what became known as “Web2.0“. This was not a software version but described how society had returned to the web as a valid source of information and interaction which was centered on user-generated content and data for communities, driven by blogs, Flickr, YouTube, social media and mash-ups. Over the last 10 years K-12 Education, like other Public Sectors, has made attempts to reinvent itself amid a rapidly changing world of technology and information.

The emergence of a 3.0 world
The web is now being reinvented and re-considered by the Public Sector as a legitimate facet of society. There is a growing consensus among business and government that the web is quickly becoming “semantic” or is interpreting the meaning of data and interactions for us. This new form of “intelligence” is driven in part by data analytics and is delivering more meaningful information and insights from structured and unstructured data than it ever had in the past. At the same time 3.0 is also becoming synonymous with portability and intelligent personalization that supports what is becoming known as the “me-onomy”.

Something’s brewing…
In an education system with the ultimate goal to support the individual learner but that struggles with how to do that while producing the desired outcomes; the evolution to a 3.0 world could not have come at a better time. However, considering the Education Sector’s track record for managing change – a perfect storm is brewing.